Give mental health the attention it deserves

In recent times, Kenya has been fighting the invisible Covid-19 pandemic, as such, the government has continuously employed strict measures to curb the spread of the virus. Such strict measures have left many Kenyans economically destabilized. Nonetheless, this is all being done in good faith to protect all citizens from the deadly virus.

The effect in which the pandemic has crippled the local and the international economy, has resulted in severe mental health distress to thousands of global citizens, needs to be addressed.

Wiper Party Senator, and Chairperson of the defunct Senate Committee on Covid-19 response, Sen. Sylvia Kasanga has constantly raised concerns over the increased cases of Mental Health issues in the country. In a recent meeting with the Partly Leader, Senator Kasanga acknowledged the tough times Kenyans are going through stating:

“Covid-19 pandemic is increasingly damaging our country’s social and economic fabric. It’s is no secret that most of our families have experienced varied tragic experiences over the past few months. As such, thousands of Kenyans are pent up with a mix of distresses, including; despair, anxiety, and fear, among other feelings.” Sen. Sylvia Kasanga

She also highlighted the need for Government to invest in mental health response plans to save many Kenyans in despair. “I call upon the Government to roll out a rigorous Mental Health Response Plan, with proper financing, so as to give it the attention it deserves. Government should conduct a massive public awareness campaign on how Kenyans – especially our families – can access mental health support and healthcare, among other related services.”

The Wiper Party has been in the front row in helping the current Government to fight the deadly global pandemic. Recently, Wiper Party Leader Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, applauded the initiative by the Kenya Parliamentary Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) Caucus; for their unexceptional effort in advocating for mental health reforms. He also urged Kenyans to constantly seek help and support each other in these tough times.


Author: Edward Kakumu

Moderator:  Tom Muema


The contents of this post are opinions of the author and moderator and do not reflect the actual position of the Wiper Democratic Movement – Kenya.





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