The Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya was founded in 2006 by Kenyans whose vision was to change the entrenched socio-economic inequalities, bad governance, corruption, and negative ethnicity and to tackle the growing poverty and marginalization of communities and disadvantaged groups.

The Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya (WDM-K)  strives for the achievement of equality, social and economic justice, human rights, freedom, rule of law, national unity and community solidarity by establishing a democratic, transparent and accountable government that will institutionalize these values for the benefit of all present and future generations.

The Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya is therefore committed to the ideals and values of a democratic party and desirous of inculcating them in the national spectrum and agenda with a view to achieving accelerated economic growth and development thereby ensuring high quality of life for the Kenyan citizens.

Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya will adhere to promotion of the objects and principles of The Constitution of Kenya 2010, and will uphold the Rule of Law and observe the Code of Conduct of Political Parties. WDM-K shall abide by ideals and values of democratic principles of good governance through fair and free election within the Party in conformity with the provision of Chapter 7 Articles 91 and 92 of The Kenya Constitution; and Chapter six (6) on Leadership and Integrity.

WDM-K shall put in place Leadership Ethics in conformity with the Constitution in which leaders will be vetted on basis of personal integrity, competence and suitability in leadership.