Kalonzo Musyoka- The “Juba Handshake” Architect

Wiper leader and Kenya’s special envoy to South Sudan, H.E Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka arrived in the country yesterday after witnessing the formation of unity government in Juba over the weekend.  The formation of the New South Sudan Coalition Government marks a beginning of a new dawn in the search for long lasting peace. Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka has been leading the mediation process between the President Salva Kiir and the opposition leader Riek Machar.  This weekend was the climax of the long-awaited truce between the two warring camps, with Machar taking the oath of office to serve as the Vice president for the third time.  He will be serving as the First Vice President out of the four appointed vice presidents.  The newest country in Africa has been facing political turmoil since the year 2013, just two years after attaining independence.

While addressing the media yesterday evening, Wiper Leader stated that the Juba “Handshake” is the beginning of the process of finding a long-lasting solution to problems facing the newest country in Africa. Kalonzo further thanked President Salva Kiir and Opposition leader Riek Machar for their bold move to form a unity government.  He further urged South Sudan citizens who had sought refuge in Kenya, to consider going back home since the warring parties have agreed to end the civil war.

South Sudan found itself in a political quagmire after President Kiir fired his then Deputy President Riek Machar on suspicion of plotting a coup. This is the third time the two leaders are trying to work together. To date, over 400,000 have died and at least 2 million people reported to have fled the country.  After years of failed mediation processes between the two conflicting camps, President Uhuru Kenyatta, Appointed Wiper Leader H.E Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka to lead the peace talks in South Sudan mid last year.


South Sudan, being the newest country in the continent has been through thick and thin more so in matters to do with peace. There have been previous attempts to restore order to the new nation but all efforts have proved futile. Over the years, Kenya has consistently supported South Sudan even before attaining independence in 2011.  The former Vice President and Wiper Leader Hon Kalonzo Musyoka has managed to bring the two political rivals together sooner than expected. Going by the intensity of the civil war in the rich-oil country, it looked nearly impossible for Riek Machar and President Kiir to work together again. However, Wiper leader has applauded the move and believes the Unity government is an excellent start in addressing the issues affecting South Sudan.  Kalonzo Musyoka also cited the need for a peaceful South Sudan in the region and more so for Kenya.

“A peaceful South Sudan is a Peaceful Kenya, when one country is in crisis, we’re all affected as region” Said H.E Kalonzo Musyoka.

The Juba Handshake is a big win for the Kenya and now all eyes are on the two South Sudan leaders, to take the new nation to the next level. Equally, the South Sudan people will for the longest time remember Wiper Leader H.E Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, for his relentless effort in restoring sanity in their country.


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