National Executive Council (NEC) is mandated to run and manage the day to day affairs of the party. The NEC members are elected by National Delegates Congress or Special Delegates Congress. NEC meets at least once in every 3 months and anytime there’s need for an emergency meeting. The National Executive Council holds office for five years after which, National Delegates Congress elects new members.  However, there are some NEC members who their term in office is not limited and they include;

  • The secretary of parliamentary affairs who is elected by the parliamentary group.
  • Deputy party leader who is appointed by the party leader.
  • Members of the summit who include the party leader, deputy party leader, chairperson, secretary general leader in parliament and governors.
  • Members of the Coalition co-ordinating who are nominated by respective affiliated political parties.

All NEC meetings are convened by the Secretary General in consultations with the party leader. In case of any vacancy in the National Executive Council, it should be filled by the Special Delegates Conference.

The role of National Executive Council

According to the Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya (WDM-K) Constitution, NEC is mandated to execute the following functions;

  • Act as the executive body and carry out the decisions passed by the summit and National Delegates Congress.
  • Run day to day party affairs and make decisions in between the National Delegates Congress.
  • Convene National Executive Council and National Delegates Congress meetings, prepare the meeting agenda and reports.
  • Oversee the operations of the Wiper Women Democrats and the Young Wiper Democrats.
  • Identify and appoint any persons to be nominated by the party to the county assembly as nominated MCA’s, National assembly as Nominated MPs and senators.

For more information about the National Executive Council (NEC), kindly refer to the Wiper Democratic Movement –Kenya (WDM-K) Constitution article (9).

1Party LeaderH.E. Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka
2Deputy Party LeaderHon. Shakila Abdalla
3Deputy Party LeaderHon. Farah Maalim
4Party ChairmanHon. Chirau Ali Mwakwere
5Deputy Party ChairmanSen. Mutula Kilonzo Jnr
6Deputy Party ChairmanMr. Martin Kamwaro
7Deputy Party ChairmanMr. Victor Ogeto
8Deputy Party ChairpersonMrs. Anne Kanyi
9Ag. Secretary GeneralHon. Peter Mathuki
10Deputy Secretary General
11Ag. TreasurerHon. Gideon Mutemi Mulyungi
12Deputy Party TreasurerEng. Justus Wambutura
13Ag. Deputy Party TreasurerHon. Danson Mwashako Mwakuwona
14Party Organizing SecretaryHon. Robert Mbui
15Deputy Organizing SecretaryHon. Jessica Nduku Mbalu
16Deputy Organizing Secretary
17Director Of ElectionsHon. Maj. Marcus Mutua Muluvi
18Deputy Director Of ElectionsHon. Jane Muasya
19Secretary Resource MobilizationHon. Shukran Hussein Gure
20Secretary For Women EmpowermentHon. Rose Museo
21Secretary Devolution, Planning, Finance & Vision 2030Hon. Dr. Makali Mulu
22Secretary For LandsHon. Patrick Makau
23Secreatary For HealthHon. Stephen Mutinda Mule
24Secreatry For Foreign AffairsHon. Daniel Kitonga Maanzo
25Secretary For Legal AffairsHon. Ben Momanyi
26Secretary For MinoritiesHon. Dahaba Yusuf Farah
27Secretary For Political AffairsHon. Sammy Seroney
28Secretary For Regional AffairsDr. Fredrick Papa
29Secretary For DiasporaHon. Hellen Ndeti
30Secretary For Religious AffairsMr. Sheikh Twaha
31Nec Member
32Nec MemberMr. Muriuki Ndwiga
33Nec MemberLumumba Nyaberi
34Nec MemberGov. Samboja Granton Graham
35Nec MemberD/G Adelina Mwau
36Nec Member/ Chair YWDD/G Majala Mlagui
37Nec MemberSen. Enoch Kiio Wambua
38Nec MemberHon. Paul Musyimi Nzengu
39Nec MemberHon. Charles Nguna
40Nec MemberHon. Joshua Mwalyo
41Nec MemberHon. Thuddeus Nzambia
42Nec MemberHon. Joshua Kimilu
43Nec MemberHon. Amin Rashid Kassim
44Nec MemberHon. Ali Wario Guyo
45Nec MemberHon. Julius Musili Mawathe
46Nec MemberHon. Ali Menza Mbogo
47Nec MemberHon. Kennedy Musyoka Kalonzo
48Nec MemberHon. Irene Kasalu
49Nec MemberHon. Joyce Kamene Kasimbi
50Nec MemberSen. Sylvia Mueni Kasanga
51Nec MemberHon. Edith Vethi Nyenze
52Nec MemberHon. David Mwalika
53Executive Director- WdmkDr. Justine Kyambi
54Majority Leader – Kitui County AssemblyHon. Peter Mwikya Kilonzo
55Majority Leader Makueni County AssemblyHon. Kyalo Mumo
56Majority Leader – Machakos County Assembly Hon. Mark Muendo
57Kitui County Assembly Speaker Hon. George Ndotto
58Makueni County Assembly SpeakerHon. Douglas Mbilu
59Machakos County Assembly SpeakerHon. Florence Mwangangi
60Majority Leader Tana River CountyHon. Ibrahim Salah Adomow
61Nec MemberGov. Julius Malombe
62Nec Member
63Nec MemberRahab Ndambuki
64Nec MemberKaburu Winfred
65Nec MemberMr. Musyoka Kala
66Nec Member
67Nec MemberHon. Dr. Nuh Nassir Abdi
68Nec Member
69Nec Member
70Nec MemberMr. Nabiun Paul Ekwom
71Nec MemberMr. Peter Ole Musei
72Nec MemberMr. Charles Too
73Nec MemberMr. Mohamed Zakirhusein Lukmanji
74Nec MemberHon. Patrick Musili Mbangula
75Nec Member